The Amateur Cracksman

Raffles at TV Rage
Interesting site with a very good episode guide to the Yorkshire TV series with Anthony Valentine.
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Gerald DuMaurier as Raffles.
Dictionary of Victorian London.
Large site with a wealth of information about the Victorian era in London..
Interesting site about The Albany, the private building in London where Raffles has rooms.

Great site for Sherlock Holmes fans!  Arthur Conan Doyle and  E.W. Hornung were brothers-in-law, one creating the greatest detective  of all time, the other the greatest scoundrel.
Official website of the actor Christopher Strauli who played Bunny in the Yorkshire TV Production of 'Raffles'.
Very diverse and interesting site all about the Victorian era.
Action TV Online
Very interesting Cult TV site

The Nostalgia Website.  Fab site about Classic Television

Excellent site about the Brian Clemens chilling 'Thriller' TV series.
TShirt Studio
Marvellous gift site which offers a personalised service for mugs, mousepads, T shirts and so on.

A non-profit animal welfare site run by the actress Alexandra Bastedo.  Highly recommended.
'Classic Telly' - A Fab site which contains information about all your favourite cult TV shows of the past.
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Official website of Wildlife Aid, an animal welfare organisation of which Anthony Valentine is one of the patrons
Animals Asia is a Hong Kong-based charity, dedicated to ending cruelty and restoring respect for all animals in Asia.  Projects include the rescue of bears and the Doctor Dog initiative which focusses on changing attitudes to dogs and cats in this Region.
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Games at Miniclip.com - The Ashes The Ashes

Destiny is in your hands as you try to claw back a victory from the jaws of defeat.

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The unique Tasmanian Devil is under threat from a cancerous facial tumour which could lead to the species' extinction.  Thousands of devils have died from this dreadful disease.  Click on the above link to find out how you can help to preserve one of the world's most unique animals.
Humane Society International

TheTimes Online
Interesting site where we are able to read the same newspaper stories as Raffles and Bunny.
Fab site which sells and trades many of your favourite TV and Radio programs of the past, including the pilot episode of Raffles:  Gentlemen and Players with Anthony Valentine and Christopher Strauli, this episode unaccountably having been left off many commercial releases of the program so far.  
Anthony Valentine
Suzy's lovely site about Anthony Valentine.  Highly recommended.
Fans of Anthony Valentine
Yahoo Group dedicated to Anthony Valentine
The Sherlock Holmes Museum.
Sergeant Cribb.
Sergeant Cribb is the companion website to Raffles The Amateur Cracksman.  It is about the Granada TV Series Cribb, which is based on the series of novels written by the author Peter Lovesey about the London based  Detective Sergeant Daniel Cribb, a member of the newly formed CID at Scotland Yard in 1878.
The Amateur Cracksman
Read the Raffles stories by E.W. Hornung online..
Josephine Tey - Mystery Writer.
Discussion about the mystery writer, Josephine Tey.
Ronald Colman Gentleman of the Cinema
Great site about Ronald Colman who played Raffles in 1930, in the very first sound film ever made about the Amateur Cracksman.
Elstree Calling
Unofficial website about Elstree Studios - fascinating and well worth visiting.
Yahoo Group about the TV Series Adam Adamant Lives.  Highly Recommended.
TV Tropes

Excellent website about the mystery writer, Josehine Tey
New Champions Online Group on Facebook
Interesting site about Jack the Ripper
metric converter
The Ghostess Talks:  Faithful Unto Death Since 1983
Caroline's fab site about Randall & Hopkirk (deceased)
Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) Declassified
Great site about Randall & Hopkirk (deceased).